Leaf Fractal Meditation Wall Hanging

Mixed media collage (ink, tea, gel medium, primer) on canvas wall hanging

100cm x 150cm


Nature Fractal Wall Hanging Series
From the The Hidden Geometry of Flowers art installation
Inspired by the Secret Life of Plant and The Hidden Geometry of Flowers
As the flower petals unfold they reveal their innate geometric perfection connected to the sacred geometry that underlies the of all creation. The hidden beauty of the flower is essential to humanity; we “resonate with the hidden patterns” and have embedded this geometry in our sacred art, architecture & culture. 
This same unfolding can be found in the root, to the tree/plant, to the branch and into the veins of the leaf. The ‘whole’ is hidden in the ‘part’. Each part of a tree or plant is self-referential, a fractal of itself. The micro contains the macro and the marco contains the micro.
There is a preexisitant “ratio”, the Fibonacci, to which all life and ourselves grow. As we meditate on a flower we can become more consciousness of the interrelationships and the grand design behind all of creation. Geometry is the art of the ‘ever-true’, Socrates.
Through this revelation we have the philosophy and experience to create a more holistic understanding of life. “Numbers are the reverberation and pulsations on the One,” K.B.C
“We are each the microcosm of the macro. The patterning hidden in a flower also enables all life to achieve an active state of balance that we call harmony, which is a prerequisite if the health of each of Earth’s vital life support systems”. The Prince of Wales – The Secret Life of Plants

Leaf Fractal Meditation Wall Hanging