Khufu – inspired by the Great Pyramid of Giza
Mixed media on canvas
90cm x 120cm
In private collection – commissions available

Available as prints: 
A4 - $12 
A3 - $24 

From Muon 2017 - Tracings of Light - painting collection

Tracings of Light Jessica Curtis of In Search of the Divine has created a body of work that is a direct, creative response to real-time music and visuals from the muon detector experienced while working in her studio space. This spontaneous dialogue has been coupled with artistic explorations of the various manifestations of muons and their interrelationship to science, sacred geometry and consciousness.

“Tracings of Light” draws its name from the particle tracings/tracks that are graphic recordings of the movements of muons and other subatomic particles in experiments conducted in the particle colliders of USA and Europe. These beautifully random, yet intricate spiralling images are the art of subatomic nature. These patterns are often reflected in the sacred geometry art from cultures around the world. Jessica has expressed this in all of her pieces, especially the abstract pieces and her “Eye of Metatron.” Metatron’s cube is a sacred geometry that that contains all five of the platonic solids, which are part of the geometric building blocks of nature.

Cosmic rays detectors similar to the one is this installation have also been used to explore the hidden structures of pyramids in both Egypt & Mexico. Muons travelling through rock and other dense materials slow and eventually will come to a stop. The muons are caught by the cosmic rays detectors as they pass through the pyramids and record their directions and energies. Using this data scientists can then create a 3D image which reveals the internal structure of the pyramid and any hidden chambers.

In Search of the Divine - Jessica Curtis

In Search of the Divine engages in creative projects & collaborations that bring the spiritual & scientific together; inspiring a higher dialogue on the themes pondered by the great mystical traditions of the Earth, which looked to the stars as home.

Core to her art practice, Jessica Curtis, uses art as a transformative vehicle to assist in the reorientation of consciousness to a multi-dimensional perspective. Thus creating a point of reference to unveil the divine template behind these times of great transition and transformation unfolding on Earth; ultimately fostering a spark of divine recognition.

Jessica Curtis
P: 0414 770 289


Khufu – inspired by the Great Pyramid of Giza - A3 Art Print