Global-Cosmic Coherence

Jessica Curtis
Metallic acrylic & ink on canvas

Ready to hnag

70cm x 70cm


The angels of Gabriel bring the sacred music of the Heavens to awaken plant Earth on all 7 levels. Heavenly spectrums of colour radiate out as Gaia awakens to herself as a divine Cosmic Consciousness of Light. As she awakens, her children begin to stir and start to remember their divine birth right as children form the Stars.


As they awaken and began to vibrate they resonate with the crystal of both the Earth and the Heavens, awakening the ‘perfect number’ of souls. As we reach this perfected sacred gematria of global coherence a unified humanity with all of Gaia’s kingdoms cry out “Come help, Come Nurture and Come Love”. Our planet lights up as the divine Blue-Green jewel in the lotus she is and is delivered into the 1000 petals of infinite creation.

Global-Cosmic Coherence