Crystalline Coherence

Jessica Curtis
Metallic acrylic & ink on canvas

Ready to hang

70cm x 70cm


When one sits in meditation one creates his/her own sacred body temple, a pyramidal body temple! The pyramidal shapes can be found through each of our own internal universes from the structure of our blood, pyramidal brain cells and that the proportions of our body all unfold from the Fibonacci ratio which also manifests as the Fibonacci triangle.


Quartz crystal has a natural pyramidal and hexagonal structure which resonates with the sacred geometry inherent within the human body and its crystalline structures. The 51 degree internal angel of the quartz crystal was replicated by the pyramid scientists of ancient Egypt who built the great Kufu pyramid of Giza.


Quartz also oscillates/vibrates at a regular frequency and is a transducer of energy. Hence it is used in much of the modern-day technology we take for granted from watches & radios to our computers. It has also been used to create Light consciousness technology by the spiritual scientist Marcel Vogel who develop the liquid crystal display for IBM (that we now have in all our technology), Vogel crystal technology, plant communication and water consciousness programming.


When we resonate our body-mind-heart coherence as the divine crystalline body temple we can resonate with all of creation and nature.

Crystalline Coherence