Mixed media collage (ink, tea, gel medium, primer, charcoal, pastel & pastel pencil) on canvas wall hanging


138cm x 200cm


EMbodiment Syzygies


As the harmonic relationships found within the human body (ie the Golden section, Pi & Phi) demonstrate, there is a higher coding, a higher geometry, a divine template behind our bodily design. This pattern is found throughout all of nature and dictates the complex geometries of micro organism, virus and bacteria, single cell organisms up to the spiral patterns of galaxy and the distributions of star in space.


The Sigis series is inspired by the book Pistis Sophia by Dr Hurtak in which it is mentioned that the Sigi’s, divine pairs, come in for manifestations: female-female, man-man, female-man & God-God partnerships. At this higher levels of gnostic cosmology we are ultimately all one. All emanations of the divine image of the Creator. And all versions of sexuality or pairing are primordial & emanate from a divine template.


Each of these pairs explore the theme of “Tantra”. Each individual in a pair could be viewed as each other’s partner in life but they can also be viewed as each other’s divine double. Tantra means union or to weave. Through our realization of divinity we create the mind-link to tantric reweave/bond ourselves in union with our own divine counterpart called the Overself, Higherself or Godself. This union with our Overself is what the ancients call the “true marriage”, the union with our divine eternal consort. Our own personal God-Human partnership.


Body Temple Syzygy - God-God

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