Ba Bak Bennu - Dove Hawk Phoenix
Mixed media on canvas
90cm x 120cm
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This piece explores the coming of our brothers and sisters from the stars points that the ancients built and aligned their great temples ie the Great Pyramid - Khufu. An example being, one of this great temple’s star shafts aligns to the constellation Orion represented by Osiris the God of music and rebirth on the top right. The Egyptians also Align to the three helical circling stars of Sirius represented on the left by Isis the Divine Mother and consort of Osiris. They are trintised by their son Horus represented by the flaming pyramidal Eye of Horus in Centre top. Pyramids represent the unfoldment of creation and are found in all forms of matter & nature. The Eye of Horus is used by the divine spirit to unfold all life.

Ba Bak Bennu - Dove Hawk Phoenix are the sacred trinity of birds from ancient Egypt:
The Dove: the Spirit/peace, the eternal nature of all things.

The Hawk: the law/the prince of peace, our ability to see from a birds eye view.

The Phoenix: the power of transformation, baptism, rebirth, the ability to claim eternal life that in inherent to all humanity.

On the bottom left is a male Sphinx and bottem right a female Sphinx (the female consort to the famous Sphinx of the Giza plateau that some still feel is yet to be discovered). Female Sphinx statues have been found in other parts of the Middle East. The Sphinx can represent the vehicle of light. The human face is put onto the lion the represents the local sun power. By conquering the power of the local sun, we as humanity, can use the powers of the sacred birds to fly to the higher star realms to Orion and beyond! Ad Astra! Latin: to the Stars!!
Artwork from - Tri-Unity Art Series
Tri-Unity is part of a greater body of work from Jessica Curtis’ recent solo show at the West Torrens Auditorium Gallery, 2017; an exhibition of paintings by exploring the trinity & hexagonal unfoldments in nature & Supernature.

Pyramidal and tetrahedral shapes are found everywhere in nature from the subatomic structure of a platinum crystal to the structure of molecules such as in water to the pyramidal brain cells. Everywhere we peer into nature we will find pyramids that unfold from this basic structure into more complex structures such as hexagonal arrangements to the Platonic solids.

The pyramid has been a geometry that has been revered in stone for thousands of years from the great pyramids of Egypt, South America, China to Bosnia and beyond. Pyramids are found across the world, in the Pacific and also in the roof tops of temples like Angkor Wat and conic forms of church and cathedral steeples.

The use of pyramidal forms in art & architecture is often an exercise in the exploration and application of sacred geometry. Geometry becomes sacred when it is taken into sacred focus & purpose in conscious application. The perfection of the shapes within nature consciously applied to express divine perfection, the unfoldment of Supernature. Sacred geometry has been used since ancient times as way to pay homage to the Divine.

The triangle or pyramidal form also has symbolic meanings in many cultures. One of the main symbols has been that of unity that unfolds into a trinity such a trinity of deity such as The Father, Son & Holy Spirit, Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu or the tradition of the Trikaya in the Buddhist tradition when the Buddhas come in groups of three.

In Search of the Divine - Jessica Curtis

In Search of the Divine engages in creative projects & collaborations that bring the spiritual & scientific together; inspiring a higher dialogue on the themes pondered by the great mystical traditions of the Earth, which looked to the stars as home.

Core to her art practice, Jessica Curtis, uses art as a transformative vehicle to assist in the reorientation of consciousness to a multi-dimensional perspective. Thus creating a point of reference to unveil the divine template behind these times of great transition and transformation unfolding on Earth; ultimately fostering a spark of divine recognition.

Jessica Curtis
P: 0414 770 289


Ba Bak Bennu - Dove Hawk Phoenix - A4 Art Print