I AM the Light - SALA group art exhibition

Curated by Jessica Curtis (In Search of the Divine)

Open to View (bookings essential- see ticket link in event):

10am-5pm Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 August

10am-5pm Saturday 5 – Sunday 6 September

A multi-disciplinary group exhibition exploring the theme ‘I AM the Light’.

"Once we were particles of Light, and now we are Beings of Light, radiating Love." ~Rumi

There are many words for Light including Phos is Greek, Ptah in Ancient Egyptian, Phowa in Tibetan, Or in Hebrew and Bhasa in Sanskrit. The Light fills, overflows, permeates, radiates, projects, illuminates, surrounds and indwells the inner and outer. Through embodying the Light we can come to understand we are all One, woven together, interconnected with all of creation.

Artists respond to the theme in various painting, mixed media, sculpture & textile forms.

Exhibition free. Bookings essential to attend.

Book tickets at: https://www.stickytickets.com.au/Y39XE



• Nora Mantzioris

• Seeva Starr

• Claire Merrick

• Colleen & Johanna Simmonds - The Lotus Sisters

• Sanaz Orandi

• Haythem Raslan

• Tricia Righetti

• Aphia Di Cuore

• Jo-Ann Forest

• Jessica Curtis

• Helen Panagopoulos

• Kristie McGregor

Exhibition Opening Afternoon (Bookings essential):

Saturday 29 August - 1pm - 4 pm

Explore the exhibition and join us for a glass of wine on the lovely gallery patio with outdoor heating provided.

Book tickets at: https://www.stickytickets.com.au/Y39XE

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