The gallery’s mission is to provide a sacred space to promote and foster dialogue, theory, practice and community in the Spiritual arts. The contemporary art world often falls short to support the sacred arts and does not promote a positive climate for artists to discuss the spiritual content of their work. If and when these topics are allowed, the artist and their work is often pigeonholed into a cultural or religious framework which can negate the higher spiritual message and vision of the artist. Thus, artists often do not share their spiritual inspiration or, in general, engage in non-spiritual artistic endeavours so they can be accepted and survive in the art world.


In these times of great challenge, change and consciousness transformation, we need art more than ever! Art can uplift our Spirits and provide a vehicle to connect to the divine essence of who we are as spiritual beings. Art can inspire, awaken, activate and transform consciousness, providing new positive and creative frameworks to view the world and our greater role in the Divine Plan of Creation. When we shift our consciousness to a greater awareness we can always have positive vision, access positive solutions, see a positive future and find positive ways forward as humanity; caretakers of our beautiful blue green jewel in space, Mother Earth, Gaia.


“Color directly influences the soul. Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another purposively, to cause vibrations in the soul.” 

― Wassily Kandinsky, 
Concerning the Spiritual in Art 



Jessica Curtis (In Search of the Divine) engages in creative projects and collaborations that bring the spiritual and scientific together; inspiring a higher dialogue on the themes pondered by the great mystical traditions of the Earth which looked to the stars as home.


Jessica works in a series of mediums and forms including painting, sculpture, drawing, textile art, animation, video art, illustration and design. Jessica also conceives, collaborates and curates art events and exhibitions that provide an opportunity for artists, the art community and general public to engage with the sacred arts.


Core to her art practice, Jessica Curtis, uses art as a transformative vehicle to assist in the reorientation of consciousness to a multi-dimensional perspective. Thus, creating a point of reference to unveil the divine template behind these times of great transition and transformation unfolding on Earth, ultimately fostering a spark of recognition of the ‘Divine Within’ and an understanding of humanities deep connection to the cosmos.