Stobie Art Project 2020

01/08/2019 - 31/08/2019


An exhibition just isn’t the same without an opening. And, just because this isn’t your regular exhibition, doesn’t mean it can’t have an opening.

So, we are planning to stage this on the afternoon of Saturday 1 August. I am not sure just what this will involve, but it will be outside (so rug up!) and we will be able to include residents of the area, plus artists. More details to follow!

About the gallery:

Mrs Harris’ Shop has been a landmark in Jervois Street, Torrensville for eighty years. It has been operated by three successive generations of women who married into the Harris family.

In 1932, Dorothy Harris built and opened the little general store after having worked a similar shop across the street. She ran the shop until her husband died in 1958. As well as undertaking much of the construction work on the shop, he was a talented painter. Dorothy was succeeded by her daughter-in-law, Rae, who closed the store in 1970 when, like hundreds of tiny suburban shops, it fell victim to the supermarket explosion.

Now, Rae’s daughter-in-law, Jo has re-opened the shop, this time as a gallery showcasing art and craft.

Some of the original sign writing that survived has been restored and the look continued in the new branding for the gallery. Artefacts from the original shop are often displayed in the rejuvenated space.

Even after having been closed for several decades, the little shop in Jervois Street is still fondly remembered by many locals as ‘Mrs Harris’ Shop’, so it seemed appropriate to continue to use this name in its new incarnation.

There is a sense of things having come ‘full circle’ with the rebirth of the little store and the role that art is once again playing in the environment.

Jo is particularly keen to support emerging and regional artists who might otherwise find it difficult to exhibit in the city.


day time - any time


36 Jervois Street Torrensville  SA   5031



The Hidden Geometrey of Flowers - Argos


A solo art exhibition by artist Jessica Curtis
29 June - 1 August

Exhibition will feature large paintings and mixed media works from the following series:

The Hidden Geometry of Flowers & Nature Fractal Wall Hanging Series

Selected works from the Cities of Light art installation (Adl Fringe 2020) & new Heavenly Crystals pieces will also be available for viewing and purchase.

More about the exhibition:
Inspired by the Secret Life of Plant and The Hidden Geometry of Flowers

As the flower petals unfold they reveal their innate geometric perfection connected to the sacred geometry that underlies the of all creation. The hidden beauty of the flower is essential to humanity; we “resonate with the hidden patterns” and have embedded this geometry in our sacred art, architecture & culture.

This same unfolding can be found in the root, to the tree/plant, to the branch and into the veins of the leaf. The ‘whole’ is hidden in the ‘part’. Each part of a tree or plant is self-referential, a fractal of itself. The micro contains the macro and the marco contains the micro.

There is a preexistent “ratio”, the Fibonacci, to which all life and ourselves grow. As we meditate on a flower we can become more consciousness of the interrelationships and the grand design behind all of creation. Geometry is the art of the ‘ever-true’, Socrates.

Through this revelation we have the philosophy and experience to create a more holistic understanding of life. “Numbers are the reverberation and pulsations on the One,” K.B.C

“We are each the microcosm of the macro. The patterning hidden in a flower also enables all life to achieve an active state of balance that we call harmony, which is a prerequisite if the health of each of Earth’s vital life support systems”. The Prince of Wales – The Secret Life of Plants


any time during café opening hours


212 The Parade, Norwood, ADL

Facebook event:


Cafe website: https://www.argo.love

Detail of Fern Fractal Meditation at #pl
Glenelg Art Gallery

01/08/2019 - 31/08/2019

Opening Night - Friday 9th August 6-8.30pm.

Glenelg Art Galleries' annual SALA GALA is a group exhibition that show cases a selection of living South Australian artists from a broad range of cultural backgrounds. 

About the gallery:

Our logo, the Rainbow Boomerang, was chosen to mean  "all inclusive". The Gallery features authentic Aboriginal Art as well as other Artists from diverse backgrounds regardless of age, gender, language skills, disabilities, art experience, circumstance, religion or skin colour. We began as a small group in 2006 and have grown to over 100 Artists, many Aboriginal heritage, working and showing their Art. 

​The Kaurna language (Kaurna Warra) is the original language of Adelaide and the Adelaide Plains, South Australia. It is one of the better documented languages of South Australia and has been undergoing a sustained revival since 1990. The area now known as Adelaide is at the heart of Kaurna country.


11am - 6pm daily


Stamford Grand Hotel/2 Moseley Square, Glenelg SA 5045



Viridescent - West Torrens Auditorium Gallery - SALA 2019

01/08/2019 -31/08/2019

A group exhibition exploring the colour green, green hue, becoming green.

About the gallery:

The Auditorium Gallery is a visual arts centre for local and touring exhibitions. 

The kinds of exhibits regularly featured are:

  • paintings

  • photographs

  • sculptures

  • wood work

  • film

  • workshops

  • events


Monday, Tuesday and Friday: 10am to 6pm

Wednesday: 8:00am to 6:00pm

Thursday:10:00am to 8:00pm

Saturday:10:00am to 4:00pm

Sunday:8293 7680

Public holidays:Closed


Hamra Centre, 1 Brooker Terrace, Hilton

viridescent 1.jpg